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IELTS listening tips

IELTS Listening tips

IELTS listening Tips & Exam overview

Here’s some IELTS listening tips which will be very helpful at your IELTS test. IELTS listening test has four sections in it. Each part has a topic which gets tougher at the next section.
The very first audio is generally an casual dialogue inside a social or even everyday scenario. For instance, a discussion about gym membership, inquiring regarding accommodation or perhaps a training program.

IELTS listening tipsThe 2nd audio is generally a non-academic monologue. This may be one individual giving home elevators something like a guided art gallery tour, details about a meeting or visitor information.

The 3rd audio is generally a discussion (between 3-4 people) associated with education/training. This can be a dialogue between two students along with a tutor in regards to a group task, or among several students referring to a task.

The 4th and last audio is generally a university design lecture. This may be related in order to any educational topic.

IELTS listening tips for test day

  • If you do not listen the audio properly, let a employee know right away
  • Follow the actual instructions very carefully; they might be different from what you have practiced or previous tests you took.
  • Listen for that specific information you required.
  • Try as well as anticipate exactly what the audio will state; you need to give your full attention.
  • Do not worry when there is a word you don’t understand; you might not need to use it at all.
  • Move rapidly onto the following question if you couldn’t figure out the answer of a question, attempt this but don’t waste period;
  • Be cautious with your spelling as well as the grammar.
  • Do not really panic if you feel the subject is difficult or even the audio is as well fast; relax and stay tuned
  • Read, write as well as listen simultaneously.
  • Focus precisely on which you tend to be asked to complete in conclusion type queries.
  • Pay attention on the word limit; for instance, if you’re asked to accomplish a phrase using a maximum of three words, if the right answer is actually ‘leather coat’, the solution ‘coat made from leather’ will be incorrect.
  • When the question asks you to definitely complete the actual note ‘in the…’ and also the correct solution is ‘morning’, observe that ‘in the actual morning’ will be incorrect; the right answer is actually ‘morning’
  • Try to answer all questions, no penalties for wrong answer.
  • Double check your answers with spelling.

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