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IELTS speaking tips and advice

IELTS speaking tips and advice

Most of the candidates who take IELTS Speaking test find this section quite difficult due to  face-to-face communication. These IELTS speaking tips and advice will help you to over come the fears of IELTS speaking test.  However in reality, IELTS Speaking is easy and simple portion of IELTS to boost your score. It may seem, “But how? Interviews are so spontaneous! I simply won’t have sufficient time to plan a good answer.

It’s true, speaking interviews are spontaneous. But all test-takers are being concerned and do not have enough time to plan their answers. And examiners are being used compared to that, so they don’t really expect you to speak as an orator.

Enhance your answer : 

Try to elaborate your your answer. Speak as much as you can on that particular point.  Add all logical details with answer and try to stay relevant with the questions. IELTS speaking tips

Speak fluently :

Speak as fluently as it can be and become spontaneous but try not to talk too fast.

relax, be assured and enjoy making use of your English

Give examples & opinions: 

Develop your answers by giving examples and your opinion.

Avoid giving very short answer:

Do not just answer ”Yes” or ”No”. On section one try to speak around 15 to 20 seconds per question.

Ask for clarification: 

It’s okay to ask for clarification if you don’t understand the question. Please don’t give the answer just from the assumption.

Do not memories the answer:

  Do not learn well prepared answers; the examiner is trained to identify this kind of answer and can change the question

Express you point of view: 

Express your viewpoints; you’ll be evaluated on your potential to communicate.

Practice and record:

Most of the questions are predictable.  Practice at home, record yourself, point out the areas need to be improve.

Maintain coherence: 

Use the linking words and phrases  like, moreover, all in all, however

Take time to think if necessary: 

If you need bit extra time to think, you could use this kind of terms like, allow me a second to think about it, hmm that’s a thoughtful question but I have very little idea about it…, I haven’t thought about it but I would like to say…

Don’t Panic if you made a mistake: 

Try not to think too much if you have done a mistake. Correct it smoothly and carry on the conversation.

Find a partner & Practice everyday: 

Regular practice is really necessary to improve your skill. Spend sometime everyday to improve you speaking. Find a partner for your speaking practice

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