IELTS writing task 2

IELTS writing task 2 tips

Here’s some IELTS writing task 2 tips for the students who would like to attend IELTS exam. You need to put some extra effort for IELTS writing task 2 compare to task one  because it carries most of marks of your writing section. Try to save some time from writing task 1 which will be very helpful. Most of the students of Stepway were able to save 3 very very valuable minutes at their mock tests with us.

IELTS Writing task 2 requires to create an academic-style article on the common topic. You might have 40 minutes ( depends on the time you spent on task 1) to write at least 250 words. If you write less than 250 words or more than 275 words you will be penalized.


5 IELTS writing task 2  tips will be discuss bellow.

  1. Question Analysisielts writing task 2 tips and tricks

Understanding the question is very very important. You need to first understand the question to learn just what the examiner wants. One of the primary blunders students make is not responding to the question properly. If you don’t answer fully the question totally, you might not get your expected score.


To carry out this, you must first identify the question type, then identify the keywords in the question and lastly identify the instructions words to be able to discover the particular examiner desires you regarding the question. We can look at these skills in greater detail below.


  1. Planning & Organizing 

This is probably most important IELTS writing task 2 tip.  The students who get the best markings plan before they write plus they often arrange for up to ten minutes. Planning can help you organize your opinions and composition before you write, helping you save time and assisting you write a clear article.


  1. Introduction

Your introduction should be included summery of your rest of essay  and it also should carry the answer the question.

The advantages should inform the examiner what all of those other essay is approximately and also answer fully the question directly. This explains to the examiner that you really know what you do immediately and can help you write your primary body paragraphs.


  1. Main Body Paragraphs

That’s where you supply the examiner greater detail. You do that by stating your primary points and adding all the explanations and relevant cases and try to give relevant example. This could be in two paragraphs to explain both sides of views in each paragraph.


  1. Conclusion

You need to write few summarized lines on the conclusion which you have previously said in the entire essay. Try not to include any new idea or topic on the conclusion.

Don’t forget to check the spelling and punctuation to make sure the accuracy of your essay after you finish it.


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